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Institutional Review Board Instructions

All researchers, whose names appear on an Institutional Review Board application as an investigator or co-investigator, must pass the CITI Program test for social and behavioral research before the protocol can be submitted for review. THE PROTOCOL WILL BE REJECTED IF ANY INVESTIGATOR HAS NOT PASSED THE TEST OR HAS NOT RETAKEN THE TEST AFTER THREE YEARS HAVE PASSED SINCE THEY FIRST PASSED THE TEST.

  1. To take the test go to:
  2. Once you pass the online test, your name will appear on a list of approved investigators. To check if your name is on the list of those who have passed the CITI test, go to WVU Office of Research Integrity and Compliance .
  3. To submit a research protocol, go to the WVU Office of Research Integrity and Compliance.
  4. Select IRB Protocol Submission.

There you will have to put in your master ID and password or create one if you do not have one.

  1. If you are setting up a new protocol and are the sole researcher and the Principal Investigator, click on “Create a Protocol” and follow the instructions by clicking on all items on the left hand side of the page.
  2. If you are a member of a research team, click on “Activity List” to view and edit the protocol.

If you have a developed research protocol, you should be able to cut and paste most of the information that is requested. Remember, in order for any member of the research team to have their name listed on the protocol they must have passed the CITI test and have entered the BRAAN system at least once. Be sure to ask them to enter the system before you try to add their name to the list of researchers.

For more information please contact:

Cindy Fitch, Associate Dean for Programming and Research