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Core Functions

This list indicates expectations for basic extension program coverage in each West Virginia county. These assignments are not dependent on Program Unit or Team Assignment. In counties with more than one agent, the County Program Coordinator (CPC) is responsible for ensuring these responsibilities are met. In all counties faculty and staff will be responsible for the following programs, activities, functions, and services:

  1. 4-H Youth Development
    • 4-H Camp
    • Maintain basic educational delivery methods; 4-H clubs, special emphasis clubs, youth agriculture events, and others as necessary
    • Serve as advisor to Volunteer Leaders Organization
    • Energy Express (if supported in the county)
  2. Agriculture & Natural Resources
    • Provide or ensure access to agriculture and Natural Resources educational programs relevant to county needs
    • Respond to clientele requests for information or services related to homes, lawns, & gardens and general agriculture
    • Master Gardener (if there is significant interest/support in the county)
    • Pesticide Application Recertification
  3. Families & Health
    • Serve as advisor to CEOS (W.Va. Community Educational Outreach Service)
    • Provide or ensure access to educational programs relevant to county needs
    • Respond to clientele requests for information or services related to nutrition, food safety and preservation, family life, and other health issues
    • Family Nutrition Program (if program is supported in the county)
  4. Community, Economic, & Workforce Development
    • Support community based initiatives that address local community and economic development challenges and opportunities
  5. Communications & Advocacy
    • Establish and maintain relationships with community leaders and elected officials keeping them informed of WVU programs and needs
    • Follow branding, communications standards
    • Develop and maintain local media program
    • Maintain mailing list of key stakeholders and constituents
  6. Administrative & Reporting
    • Ensure compliance with WVU & Extension polices
    • Ensure timely and accurate completion of all required reports including: County Indicator, Time and Contact, ES-237 and others as requested
    • Manage volunteers (recruit, screen, train)
    • Attend mandatory training related to various programs
    • Supervise and evaluate program support staff
    • County Extension Service Committee – meetings, WVU Board of Governors (BOG) nominations, Memoranda of Agreements (MOAs)
    • Function as a team to achieve Extension goals