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County Extension Service Committee

Created by state law in 1963, the County Extension Service Committee assists West Virginia University faculty and staff in meeting the Extension educational needs in each county.

Committee membership is mandated by law and consists of the following: county Farm Bureau president, county Community Educational Outreach Service president, county 4-H Leaders Association president, a county commissioner designated by the president of the county commission, a county board of education member appointed by the board president, a county Grange representative, and two county residents appointed by the WVU Board of Governors. If any of these organizations do not exist in the county, the Board of Governors may appoint a county resident to fill the committee position. The board also can appoint one member of any other active county farm organization not already represented.

The committee has three important functions:

  1. enters into a memorandum of understanding with WVU Extension Service for the employment of personnel;
  2. prepares a financial memorandum of agreement with the county commission and the county board of education for their support of Extension work; and
  3. gives guidance, counsel, and assistance in the development of the county Extension program.

The committee elects a chairperson and secretary each year and meets with the county Extension faculty quarterly or as needed to review progress in meeting Extension educational programs goals. The committee should assist the county Extension faculty in securing involvement of a broad cross section of county residents in determining needs and planning and carrying out the county Extension program. The committee may also provide leadership in obtaining the necessary local financial support for the county extension program.

The Extension Service Committee is obligated to adhere to the West Virginia Open Governmental Proceedings Act (Sunshine Law). Major points of this act include: (1) proceedings to be open to the public; (2) public notice of all meetings; (3) written minutes of all meetings; and (4) exemption from open proceedings (executive session). An executive session may be held only upon a majority vote of the members present for specific matters (including personnel issues). No decisions shall be made in an executive session. Minutes of the committee meetings are filed in the county Extension office and may be made available to the public upon written request.

Read the official text as published in W.Va. Code.

For further information, contact the WVU Extension Service, Office of the Director, P.O. Box 6031, Morgantown, WV 26505-6031. The telephone number is (304) 293-5691.