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Facilities & Mail


This office coordinates and manages operations in Knapp Hall.

  • Knapp Hall Emergency Procedures & Policies
  • Knapp Hall Floor Guide
  • Area 29 Temporary Parking



The Extension mail office is located on the Sub-Basement Floor (SB) of Knapp Hall.

  • County Mail
  • Stamps, Envelopes & Post Cards Purchase Request Form

Mailing Instructions

  1. Meter Instructions

Putting proper postage on bulk mailing. You will find rates on  form 3602NZ.

For example, lets use 17.5 cents as the cost. First you go to your number pad. Select “17”. Then, go to top of meter and their will be an abbreviation that will say “FRACT”, select that, then press “5”, then “OK”. At that point you should see the fraction for 17.5.

Putting Proper Imprint on Bulk Mailing

  • With meter already on, go to “Rate Dye”
  • Press OK
  • A list of imprints will come up
  • Select “Desired Imprint”—Example: 1st 2nd 3rd, Non-Profit Org, etc.
  • Press “OK”—That will take you back to “Rate Dye”
  • Press “Escape” to take you back to the main screen
2. Determine Your Balance
  • Request More Funds
  • Download Funds
  • Bulk Mail