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Inventory & Disposal

Since USDA holds title to the items, proper records and accountability procedures at the local level are important. All recipients are required to sign for items issued for use in their areas. An “audit trail” is maintained for all property regardless of value, and items in use are inventoried regularly. It is a good idea fo users to maintain their own records or files on items issued to them. Users and responsible persons should also ensure items that are being used according to regulations.

When items are no longer needed by a unit, office, or department, they must be returned to the FEP office disposal or transferred to another unit. Regardless of their value, the items may not be thrown away, transferred to another unit of the University, transferred to local or civic groups, or shipped to the WVU Surplus Office for any reason. Transfer within the Extension Service of the Davis College to other research or extension unit is permissible as long as the FEP office is contacted.