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Request for Allocation

Research or extension components of the University can submit requests (preferably written to the FEP office for items needed in approved projects and programs). County Extension personnel may acquire property for use in programs and projects with the approval of their county program coordinator. County program coordinators and also responsible for handling inquiries, coordinating pickup of property for their counties, ensuring that items are used properly, and taking inventory.

If items are not on hand, they are put on a “wish list” for future acquisitions. When the items are obtained, they will be listed on e-mail as available for allocation. At that point, a request is submitted to the allocation committee, which consists of three faculty members. The allocation committee issues all items worth over $5,000. The purpose of the allocation committee is to ensure fair and equitable distribution and proper use of equipment. There are no guaranteed time frames for acquisition of items. Some items may be available immediately; some may available in the future; some are not available at all. A rule of thumb is that the more specialized a request is, the longer it may take to fill. Also, it’s important to note that some selected items are more readily available from the program than other items.