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Program Planning Documents

Team Assignment Document (TAD)

The Team Assignment Document is a negotiated agreement between the team and its assigned administrator. The Team Assignment Document describes goals, objectives, and reporting indicators for each of the team’s major programs. The program’s goals, objectives, and indicators are posted on the Web. Faculty use the team’s document to construct their respective Faculty Assignment Documents (FAD.)

The TADs use the logic model. For more information about working with the logic model, visit the  University of Wisconsin Extension Service program development and evaluation page.

Faculty Assignment Document (FAD)

The  Faculty Assignment Document is a negotiated agreement between the faculty member and his or her Center Director and captures the essence of the faculty member’s goals and responsibilities for that year. This annual document is significant for accountability issues and Promotion and Tenure (P&T) functions. For county faculty, the Faculty Assignment Document should reflect County Plan of Action goals and contain program goals, objectives, and indicators from the appropriate Team Assignment Documents.