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Program Reporting Documents

Program Indicator Reports

Program Indicator data will be collected on all major program initiatives. These program indicators were determined by the program teams when they prepared their plans of work. Extension agents and specialists will report data on all programs they have worked with. This reporting process uses the Web and links into a database. Individuals should report their data quarterly. The data in these reports is extremely important for documenting our efforts. The , along with other program planning information, are used to generate accountability documents identifying Extension’s value and impacts.

Narrative Reports

Narrative reporting will provide program accomplishment and impact details. These reports may include some of the information submitted in the data reports, but should amplify the significant details. These reports should focus on program accomplishments and impacts. These narrative reports and their current due dates are found below.

Faculty Program Accomplishment report (individual reports)

The Faculty Program Accomplishment Report reflects the faculty member’s significant program involvement and accomplishments for the year. These reports are to be submitted at the end of the year in two ways: (1) as electronic copies e-mailed as separate Word documents to Allison Nichols and (2) as paper copies submitted as support documentation in the appropriate sections of faculty members’ Promotion and Tenure files. Those copies submitted to Allison Nichols will be used to develop state and federal reports. 

Team Program Accomplishment Reports (team and unit reports)

Team Program Accomplishment Reports summarize the statewide efforts by program team members and other contributors to the team. The collection of program indicators and narrative information is based on the earlier work of the program teams. For more information and the template, see the Impact Primer.