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Social Media

WVU Extension Service follows the West Virginia University social media guidelines. However, we know Extension is a little bit different, so here's what works best in our experience:


  • Experts recommend posting to Facebook just once per day so that you don’t lose followers. Don’t have anything to post? Go to the WVU Extension Facebook page and share our posts! We try to have a post to share every day. You can also work with your neighboring counties to help promote their social posts.
  • Keep images simple. Flyers and other images with text on them can’t be read by screen readers for those individuals who may have a vision disability. Those posts are not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can easily fix this by making sure all of the text from the flyer is included in the actual post, verbatim. However, we find it's easier to just to post a nice image, write a brief teaser and steer people to a calendar event or web page.Problem solved!
  • Growing your social network involves a little work. One easy way to grow your followers is to tag other groups or individuals in your posts. Maybe you worked with one of the local schools or a nonprofit on a community project and you want to share photos from the event or thank them for their help. If they have a social site, tag them in your post – you might pick up a few followers.
  • Using paid Facebook ads can also go a long way in getting your message out to a lot of people in a hurry, which can grow your following exponentially. For as little as $20, you can reach a few thousand folks.
  • We have Facebook cover graphics, profile graphics and are working on generic post graphics.

Twitter and Instagram

If you're interested in creating a Twitter or Instagram account for your county, please contact Tara Curtis or Hannah Booth in Communications.

Miscellaneous Tips

Also, consider adding a link to your social media pages, to your email signature or include a little teaser on printed materials such as:

Stay up-to-date with WVU Extension Service news in [________] County by following us on Facebook @[____name of page____].