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Elevator Speeches

Tell people you meet about the WVU Extension Service organization

You can always start the conversation with, I’m [Your Name], and I’m with WVU Extension Service [Include Your Unit/County.]

Then, use the following messages as guide to showcase and explain the work that we do. And, as always, if there are specific examples of your work, outreach or research, please share!

About WVU Extension Service

WVU Extension Service (two options):

  • We live and work in all 55 West Virginia counties to bring research-based knowledge and outreach to our communities. WVU Extension offers expertise in a broad range of areas, including family and community development; 4-H and youth development; and agriculture and natural resources. We want to empower our residents by giving them tools and resources they can use to change their lives and the lives of those in their communities.
  • West Virginia University Extension Service employees live and work in all 55 counties in West Virginia. Through education and outreach programming in the areas of agriculture and natural resources; 4-H and other youth development programs; and family and community development programs, our experts bring research-based knowledge to encourage know-how, curiosity and innovation to move the state forward.

Unit-Specific Messaging

Family & Community Development:

  • As the front door to WVU, we want to help West Virginia grow its economic and community independence, while focusing on the health and safety of our residents. WVU Extension Service provides family and community development opportunities through outreach and resources focused on topics such as finances and budgeting; tourism and hospitality; community development; disaster preparedness; work and fire safety; health education; and more.

Agriculture & Natural Resources:

  • WVU Extension is known for its contributions to agriculture and natural resources in the state. We support West Virginia’s agriculture and natural resources by providing resources on various topics, including farm management, horticulture, livestock, small farming, forestry, wildlife and soil. By bringing our experts and research to West Virginia communities, we want to create economic opportunities for agribusiness owners and other community members as we work to move West Virginia forward.

4-H & Youth Development:

  • WVU Extension Service is committed to educating the next generation of West Virginians. Each year our 4-H program reaches tens of thousands of youths through community activities, camps and school-based programming, which focus on leadership development, community service, STEM, livestock and more. Our award-winning Energy Express program provides literacy education and nutritious meals over a six-week period to rural and low-income children at more than 80 sites in 40 of 55 West Virginia counties.