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Extension Logos

Using Logos and Icons

Using a logo provides instant visual identification and connects people to the quality programs and services they’ve come to expect from the WVU Extension Service.

In 2015, the West Virginia University logo was fine‐tuned. Extension Communications staffers have revised the logos and icons that identify the WVU Extension Service, its county offices and some of its programs. These files are available for use in internal and short‐term use communications.  

As a general rule, you should work with the graphics staff in the Office of Communications for any work that is going to be sent out to print. Contact Matthew Scarfo at 304‐293‐3152 to get thet process started.

Extension Logo 295-124

Two-color lockup

Extension Logo 295    

One-color lockup

Extension Logo 124 on Navy

Two-color lockup on dark background
Extension Logo White on Navy    

White lockup on dark background