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We build strategy into every marketing and communication plan to better define your audience and target your message. Just call us to help you better target your communications and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Marketing Strategy

We will be happy to meet with you and develop strong communication and marketing plans. It’s important that we segment our audiences, customize our messages and adhere to our brand positioning. By working together, we can craft a cohesive plan that meets Extension’s goals while accomplishing your individual unit’s needs.

Market Research

Oftentimes we can’t form strategy until we know what factors are influencing our audiences. We can work with you to help create surveys and other types of research to gather the data you need to make informed decisions.

Event and Sponsorship Branding

No matter where we take the West Virginia University Extension Service, we must be sure it’s being delivered in a consistent way. This includes sponsorships or events that your area may participate in. We help ensure that your materials are in brand, as well as the message you’re delivering.

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Our Team

Tara Curtis

Robin Anderson
Administrative Assistant

Zane Lacko
Writer & Editor

Matthew Scarfo
Multimedia Specialist Senior

Lindsay Wiles
Program Coordinator