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We’re building a better West Virginia

And many hands not only make light work, but also ensure people in your community are connected to our programs. With offices in all 55 counties, your gift, large or small, recurring or one-time, truly does impact a neighbor, local farmer or youth in your community.

WVU Extension programs are comprehensive, providing many ways to make an impression on a statewide and local level. We feel they’re all important, but these areas are particularly impactful:

When you support the Dean and Director’s Annual Fund (2U104) your gift will be used to meet our most pressing needs. This fund is utilized to develop new programs, expand existing programs or invest in an unforeseen opportunity to positively impact the people of our state.

Much like the Dean and Director’s Annual Fund, The 4-H Annual Fund (2V530) allows your gift to be used where it is most needed today. Other popular 4-H funds include the 4-H State Camps Fund (2V529) and the 4-H State Camps Scholarship Fund (2V533).

The WVU Jackson’s Mill Restoration and Improvement Fund (2V620) supports the restoration and historic preservation of Jackson’s Mill and is a favorite among those who had formative experiences at the Mill.

The Communities, Economic & Workforce Development Annual Fund (2U098) and Families & Health Annual Fund (2W092) invest in building healthy communities, workforces and families. And the Agricultural & Natural Resources Annual Fund (2U099) supports programs for aspiring growers and veteran farmers and educates residents about balancing opportunities that come with natural resources while being good stewards of the state they love. 

To make a contribution now, visit the WVU Foundation.

For more information about how you can support WVU Extension Service programs and the people in your community, contact Lauren Seiler.

Extension Development News

Thanks for Supporting Day of Giving 2018

WVU Day of Giving - November 14, 2018

When our communities need us, Mountaineers always step up to the plate. Whether we are on the ground helping with flood relief efforts or supporting outreach and academic programming, our faculty, staff, alumni and friends always go above and beyond.

Nowhere was that more evident than November 14, when more than 3,100 donors supported the 2018 WVU Day of Giving, raising more than $6 million dollars for West Virginia University – doubling last year’s efforts!

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How to Give to Extension on WVU's Day of Giving

WVU Day of Giving - November 14, 2018

Each and every day, WVU Extension Service works to strengthen our families and communities, invest in our youths and promote good stewardship of our agricultural and natural resources. Our combination of research-based programs and local expertise in all 55 West Virginia counties has produced truly remarkable results.

West Virginia 4-H has played a formative role in the lives of youths in the state for more than 100 years. Whether through traditional offerings of club work, 4-H projects, youth agriculture or camping programs – or new experiences like computer coding, robotics, entrepreneurship, shooting sports and outdoor adventure – we are engaging young people in West Virginia with exciting opportunities and lifelong friendships like never before.

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Your Work is Important

On April 3, 2017, Extension kicked off the Gold Blue & You campaign. This campaign focuses on us, the employees of West Virginia University. For some, it can seem strange that an employer would ask you to donate back to the organization. After all, as dedicated employees, we give a significant amount of our lives to the work we do. Why should we also donate?

Your gift – like your work – makes an impact. Here at WVU Extension Service, we improve the lives of West Virginians across the state. We develop innovative programs like Energy Express, iFather, the West Virginia Healthy Children Project, and Dining with Diabetes.  We encourage youth development though our 4-H program that reaches 1 out of 4 youth in West Virginia. Our Integrated Pest Management education and WVU Plant Diagnostic Clinic decreased pesticide use and crop loss and in 2016 alone we helped 1,000 growers save an estimated $500,000. We have provided SafeLand USA training for more than 500 high school students interested in careers in oil and gas industries. Our Fire Service has trained thousands of first responders who are now better equipped to act in the face of danger. We do all this and much, much more.

Our work is important. Our work changes, shapes, and saves lives. Our work is worthy of investment. In the coming days you will receive a Faculty and Staff Campus Campaign brochure. I invite you to join me in the Gold Blue and You campaign by donating to your unit, your county, or even supporting each other through faculty assistance. A list of funds and fund descriptions for units and faculty assistance can be found at

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