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Agriculture & Natural Resource Programs

This list of funds support a wide range of agriculture and natural resources programs. They vary from engineering to shooting sports to forestry. To give to an agriculture and natural resources fund, please take note of the fund number listed before the fund title. If you choose to click “donate now” on the right, please add this number in the comments section or contact the Development Office to learn more about your giving options.

2R258 Poultry Program
Provides for poultry program development and judging events.

2R259 Horse Program
Provides for horse program development and judging events. 

2R260 Shooting Sports Program
Provides for shooting sports program development and events. 

2R261 Agricultural & Environmental Programming
Provides for agricultural program development, workshops, in-service training and agricultural events. 

2R262 Engineering Programming

2R263 Dairy Programming
Provides for dairy program development and judging events. 

2R264 Livestock Judging and Programming
Provides for livestock judging program development and events.

2R265 Forestry Programming
Provides for forestry program development, forestry programming and events. 

2R266 NJHA/Land Programming
Provides for National Junior Horticulture Association program development and NJHA/Land events and programming.

2U099 Agricultural & Natural Resource Annual Fund
Provides support for operating expenses of the Agriculture and Natural Resources unit of the Extension Service.

2V732 WV Master Gardeners Association Program
Provides funds to enhance & supplement the consumer horticulture programs of the WVU Extension Service. 

2V776 Evans Grazing Specialist Fund
Provides funds to pay for a current employee in the Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources Development to do grazing work.

Provides funding for the Natural Gas Education Program, NGEP, to cover operating expenses to educate West Virginians about the natural gas industry in the state. 

3S494 WV Artificial Breeders Cooperative Fund
Provides financial support to the WV 4-H Dairy Program. 

3V324 Clyde & Mary Ann Ours Poultry Endowment
Provides funds to be used to support 4-H programming expenses related to agriculture and poultry.

3V328 Marks Endowment Fund
Provides support for events that include, but are not limited to, program support for Volunteer Leader Camping Training, the state 4-H Camping Program, 4-H Livestock Programs, out of state trips for WV 4-H’ers and judging events. 

3V421 WV Master Gardener Assoc. Endowment
Provides funds to benefit and enhance horticulture and related disciplines in West Virginia. 

3V627 John & Frances Woloshuk/Richard & Bernadine Niedermeyer 4-H Ag. Program Fund 
Provides funds to support expenses related to 4-H agricultural judging events.