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Families & Health Programs

This list of funds support a wide range of families and health related programs. They vary from heart health educational programs to diabetes prevention to family enrichment. To give to a families and health fund, please take note of the fund number listed before the fund title. If you choose to click “donate now” on the right, please add this number in the comments section or contact the Development Office to learn more about your giving options.

2V799 Diabetes Education

Provides funds for the Diabetes Education program to teach diabetics how to maintain healthy lifestyles.

2V863 Be Smart Eat Smart
Provides funds to underwrite travel and training expenses for WVU Extension’s “Be Smart Eat Smart” employees and partners. 

2W092 Families and Health Annual Fund
Provides funds for transactions not allocated to other operating accounts. 

2W208 Women’s Heart Health
Provides funds to support heart health educational programs in Wood County, WV. 

3V469 Mary Lou Schmidt Memorial Fund
Provides funds for professional development opportunities for diabetes education for Extension professionals and/or professionals in health-related fields or the funding of resource persons to provide training in WV for Extension professionals. May also provide for a partial one-year student scholarship aid in the WVU College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Consumer Science or a health related field.

3V577 Rhoades Family Endowment Fund
Provides funds to support the programming efforts at the WVU Extension Service’s Center for 4-H and Youth, Family and Adult Development for the purpose of family enrichment.