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Impact of Your Gifts

We cannot thank our donors enough for the impact that they have made on our programs and our people. Gifts to WVU Extension Service and the West Virginia 4-H program ensure that more than 1,000 youths camp at WVU Jackson’s Mill each summer and receive full or partial scholarships. Gifts help to ensure that West Virginia youths will be able to attend college, have 4-H project books and travel abroad. Your support also helps us to teach youths and adults healthy eating habits, to provide fire training to career and volunteer departments, and to renovate cottages at WVU Jackson’s Mill. Your gifts are helping us to transform lives across the WVU campus and across West Virginia.

Caroline Hamrick

10-year 4-H’er has a message…

Ten years ago this summer, my grandma and I pulled up to Camp Muffly. We walked into the pavilion to sign up for my first day camp. That day started my lifelong commitment to 4-H.

I think it is incredibly important to help serve those living with less than I have. 4-H has given me the ability to participate in community service projects, and also start them. This is exciting because I can make a huge difference in the things that I care the most about. I hope that I can continue to often give my courage and strength to the individuals I meet through service projects the rest of my life.

I can’t imagine how different my life would have been without 4-H. I’m a strong believer in paying your debts forward and that is exactly what I will do. One day I will hopefully have my own little Cherokee to take to their first day of camp, but until then I will spend every day trying to grow into a stronger example of all four of the H’s.