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Title IX Training Session Offered

UPDATE: Title IX Training Session Offered January 24, 2018, at Jackson’s Mill

All WVU and WVU Extension Service employees, including faculty, staff, county paid positions and grant-funded positions, are required to complete in-person Title IX training in 2018. Starting with completion of the in-person training in 2018, employees will then be able to complete their annual Title IX training online in 2019 and 2020. During the third year, employees must once again complete Title IX training in-person. This will again be followed by the ability to complete annual trainings online for the following two years.

As an example, training over the next six years would look like this:

  • 2018 - Training In-Person
  • 2019 - Training Online
  • 2020 - Training Online
  • 2021 - Training In-Person
  • 2022 - Training Online
  • 2023 - Training Online

On January 24, 2018, a training session will be held at WVU Jackson’s Mill from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Lunch will be provided after the session.

Title IX creates equity for faculty, staff, students, and others who are participating in WVU-related activities. It covers sexual violence, sex or gender-based discrimination, including stalking, relationship violence, bullying, and sexual misconduct.

The in-person training sessions also provide education on individuals’ rights under Title IX and resources that are available. Additionally, conversations on sexual assault, power-based personal violence, consent, and prevention efforts are facilitated.

With ongoing changes to laws and policies, it is important that our employees be knowledgeable about Title IX, particularly those who work with youth programs. Additionally, Title IX provides protections for our employees in the workplace.

If you have not attended an in-person training session with a DDEI trainer within the last three years, you need to attend a training session. You can register online at or by contacting Susan England at 304-406-7022 or Rachel Griffith at 304-293-5871.

Additional in-person training sessions will be scheduled and communicated at a later date.

This training is being held as a pre-conference event before Camping In-Service.