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Employee News

Your Work is Important

On April 3, 2017, Extension kicked off the Gold Blue & You campaign. This campaign focuses on us, the employees of West Virginia University. For some, it can seem strange that an employer would ask you to donate back to the organization. After all, as dedicated employees, we give a significant amount of our lives to the work we do. Why should we also donate?

Your gift – like your work – makes an impact. Here at WVU Extension Service, we improve the lives of West Virginians across the state. We develop innovative programs like Energy Express, iFather, the West Virginia Healthy Children Project, and Dining with Diabetes.  We encourage youth development though our 4-H program that reaches 1 out of 4 youth in West Virginia. Our Integrated Pest Management education and WVU Plant Diagnostic Clinic decreased pesticide use and crop loss and in 2016 alone we helped 1,000 growers save an estimated $500,000. We have provided SafeLand USA training for more than 500 high school students interested in careers in oil and gas industries. Our Fire Service has trained thousands of first responders who are now better equipped to act in the face of danger. We do all this and much, much more.