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New Plate Installation and Return of Old Plates

  1. Transportation Services will provide all departments with new license plates (both front and rear) along with new registration card
  2. Each department will remove front license plate and replace with new
  3. Place old plate back in envelope
  4. Each department will remove back license plate and replace with new
  5. Place old plate back in envelope along with old registration card.
  6. Each department must return both old license plates (front and rear) as well as registration card to Transportation Services ASAP
  • Please be advised the DMV envelope your new state plates are given to you in IS NOT a valid envelope for mailing.
  • If any plates or registrations are missing, or if you have any questions, please contact Transportation Services:

  • Below is a list of old plates that have yet to be returned:

    • B42476 - IHC
    • B57473 - Ford E350
    • C5140 - Utility Trailer
    • C5651 - Transcraft Trailer
    • C5659 - Wabash Trailer
    • C5666 - ASM Trailer
    • C6018 - ATV Trailer
    • C6251 - Carmate Trailer
    • T3237 - Trailer
    • T3391 - Utility Trailer
    • T3396 - Middlebury Trailer
    • T3399 - CarryOn Trailer
    • T3548 - Haulmark Trailer
    • T3555 - Utility Trailer
    • C5661 - 53ft Utility Trailer
    • C5657 - 53ft Utility Trailer
    New License Plate Registration