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Inclement Weather

This policy only pertains to inclement weather. The Extension Office is not to be closed
for any other reason, such as no electric, no heat, no water or other utility issues without consulting Dean and Director or Extension Human Resources.

WVU Campus Closures (Morgantown, Potomac State, Tech): Extension recognizes there will be instances when the main WVU Campus or associated campuses may have a closure due to Inclement Weather. These closures do not affect county office operations and your county office must remain open (see county office closure). This policy covers where you WORK not where you LIVE.

Knapp Hall, Monongalia County Extension Office and other Extension Offices on, and around, WVU Main Campus (Safety and Health, Surplus, Energy Express): These offices will be closed only if the WVU Main Campus is closed due to inclement weather for all faculty and staff. They do not follow the delay/closure policy for students.

County Office Closure: Inclement Weather closures will only occur when the county court house has closed for inclement weather. A Governor’s state of emergency does not constitute a county office closure unless it accompanies a county emergency and the closure of the county courthouse. The decision to close a county office due to inclement weather will be made on a county by county basis and will only be made in consultation with Dean/director or his or her designee. If an office is to be closed for inclement weather, the County Program Coordinator (CPC) must notify Program Director and/or Extension Human Resources. Documentation of the official county emergency closure as well as the specific closure time and reopen time (for MyAccess/payroll documentation) of office closure must be provided to Extension Human Resources immediately after notice of Courthouse closing. (Monongalia County Office will follow WVU closures). WVU Charleston Offices will follow Kanawha County Extension Office.

Off Campus Regional Offices – Jackson’s Mill, Reedsville, and Fire Service Offices: Decision to close will be guided by consultation between the Assistant Director of Jackson’s Mill and Reedsville Farm, Program Director for Community, Economic and Workforce Development and with Dean/Director.

Use of Annual Leave: Conditions caused by ordinary inclement weather requires each employee to make personal decisions regarding safety in traveling to and from their workplace. Employees who do not feel it is safe to travel should contact their supervisor (telephone or email) and request to use approved annual leave. Employees who do not report to work during inclement weather when we are officially open must submit the appropriate annual leave request. Working from home is not an option. Employees should refer to WVU policy reference or contact WVU Employee Relations at 304-293-5700 x 5.

Announcement of Closure: Notice of closure will be timely given by electronic media as appropriate, such as Extension email. Also, the County Program Coordinator will contact his/her office colleagues.

Effective date: October 28, 2014