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Getting Accounts

Email, Login, and eXtension Requests

Email and WVU Login accounts will be created automatically for WVU-paid employees, and a WVUID (700#) will be generated automatically for WVU-paid employees, also.

However, Extension employees not paid by WVU will need to download and complete the Employee Information form to get a Courtesy Account in order to receive an email and Login account and WVUID (700#).

Steps to Complete the Request for a Login Account, Email Account, and/or Courtesy Assignment:
  1. Complete the form.
  2. If you have a current Login account, please enter it by the email address.
  3. Add your office address and phone number to the form.
  4. Add your supervisor’s name to the form.
  5. Indicate if you already have a WVU email account. (This applies to people who have been with Extension for awhile and are just applying for a Login account.)
  6. Call Jan Norman at 304-293-8952 to give her your Social Security number (SSN). Do not send your SSN through the mail or fax it. 
  7. Send or fax the completed form to:
    EBO/Extension Human Resources
    ATTN: Jan Norman
    410 Knapp Hall
    PO Box 6031
    Morgantown WV 26506-6031
    Fax: 304-293-4565
Follow up:
  1. If it’s been more than a week since you mailed/faxed your form, check the status of the account by emailing  EHRpayroll or calling 304-293-8952.


Your Login account is the one that allows you to login to the MyAccess/Portal, CleanSlate, and  other WVU resources that require authentication. Your Login is also known as your “Active Directory (AD)” account and may be used as your network login account.

If you need a CleanSlate account, contact the Office of Communications.

Check out  IT Services at WVU for more information about various services and support at WVU. 

eXtension ID

eXtension IDs are currently limited to individuals closely associated with the U.S. Cooperative Extension system (either those working at a Land-Grant Institution, State college or U.S. Government personnel affiliated with Cooperative Extension), or individuals in Extension-related organizations workings on projects with Cooperative Extension staff.