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Extension employees who need equipment help and recommendations for computers, digital cameras, projectors, printers and other hardware and equipment should contact Extension Technology.


County Backup Device

The county WD My Cloud backup device provides users with a way to keep all of their files and folders backed up in a continuous manner. Please follow the instructions exactly.

Get Software & Instructions


The Office of Technology can help you purchase, maintain, repair, replace, and surplus your official WVU Extension equipment, and recommend what to consider for personal purchases.

Contacting Dell for Warranty Repairs

Repair & Surplus

Need to get equipment repaired? Need to rid your office of old equipment? Download and complete the Equipment Work Order form to surplus it. If you want to bring equipment to Jackson's Mill or Morgantown, please contact Extension Technology so that we can work with the Mill folks for that or so that we can meet you with a cart in the front of Knapp Hall when you are dropping off surplus in Morgantown. 

Monitor Note: It's a good idea to use an older monitor as your "second" one if your workstation configuration lacks this extra screen.

Surface Pro Note: If you ordered a Surface Pro, you should keep a USB keyboard to use with that device. You may even want to purchase a USB hub to allow for more USB ports.