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Fast Help for Extension

The Office of Technology can help you purchase, maintain, repair, replace, and surplus your equipment.

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Need to get equipment repaired? Need to rid your office of old equipment? Download and complete the Equipment Work Order form. Please attach it to your equipment when you drop it off.

Contacting Dell for Warranty Repairs

Attention Extension Employees

When contacting Dell for warranty repairs on your computer (Dell contact info should be on a white sticker on your computer) please remember that if the Dell representative says they need to send a technician to replace your hard drive/storage drive to stop them immediately and contact Extension Technology instead. If a Dell technician replaces your drive they will not copy your data to the new drive nor will that new drive have all of the software and settings applied that were originally there on the old drive.

This is crucial as we (and WVU ITS) expect there to be certain software and settings applied to all WVU owned machines. If this doesn't happen, then it is very hard for Extension Technology to effectively and efficiently provide critical services like antivirus protection and identity protection.

It is 100% OK for Dell to replace "pretty much anything else" on your computers. Hard drives/storage drives for Extension computers should only be replaced by Extension Technology! If you have any questions please contact us as we would be happy to discuss this further.