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How do I configure Outlook?

Please refer to the handout titled “Configuring Outlook” and pay special attention to what you type for “Email address.”

Normally, you would type something like “” However, as you configure Outlook, you will need to type your Login username plus the rest of your email address (e.g., For some of you, that will be the same as your email address. For others, that will be different. Does this mean your email address as you know it has changed? No. Either email address will work.

The proper format is similar to (not case sensitive). Other variations might be something like (where the login has a number).

The username might be one that has followed you to work after being a student at WVU. In that case, it might even be a combination of initials and your maiden name or a shortened last name.

So remember, the email address you use when you configure Outlook will be your (e.g.,

If you get an error message as you set up Outlook, please check the email address that you have entered, correct it if needed, and try again.