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Work-Related Hardware Purchases

The Office of Technology can help you purchase equipment for your office. We can help you select the best hardware for your needs and probably save you money, too!

Each spring the Office of Technology provides an opportunity for each office to place a "bulk order" for technology equipment. The items available to purchase include:

  • Desktop (one- and two-monitor packages)
  • Laptop (standalone and desktop-replacement packages)
  • USB drives in varying capacities
  • Multimedia projector
  • Digital camera
  • Document camera
  • and other products

To learn more about the Bulk Order, watch for email messages in early March from the Office of Technology or talk with co-workers or your supervisor. Or, visit the Bulk Order FAQ page.

Personal Purchases

The Office of Technology will be happy to assist you with personal hardware purchases. When you are thinking about a purchase, please feel free to contact someone in the Office of Technology with your questions. We’ll try to provide you with suggestions based on your needs and your “pocketbook.”


As a WVU employee, you can receive a discount on Dell equipment. This discount varies depending on the current specials and rebates. Typically, you can save up to 7% off the public price. However, you may save up to 10-30%.

You will need to set up an account and use the Dell education purchase member code of US10729340. TIP: Copy the Member ID before clicking on the link.

Or, skip the code and go directly to Dell’s  WVU employee page.

When you are ready to purchase a computer for home use, check out the prices at the Dell site. If you need to talk with a Dell representative, please call 1-888-973-3355.

Configure a computer with the features you want and save it to your “cart.” Then, you can contact a Dell representative for help in placing the order and in determining your discount. Usually, there will be an option to “chat” about your order, and that is a good way to contact a Dell rep to discuss any other discounts and to get a final price for your configured system.


HP also provides discounts to faculty and staff for personal purchases. This includes all HP products (desktops, laptops, and printers). You can check out the current specials at the  HP Academy. If you don’t already have an HP account, you can create one on the Academy site.