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Work-Related Software Purchases

Core software is provided to each office at no charge and is to be installed on WVU computers only.

Software provided to each office includes: Microsoft Office, Sophos Endpoint Protection, various Adobe products, and others.

You can purchase other software for office use through WVU’s central technology office, Information Technology Services. Go to the Software Licensing Information Center (SLIC) site and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have questions, please send those to

Note: When your office orders a new computer or if a computer is reimaged, the Office of Technology installs all core software.

Personal Software Purchases

WVU faculty and staff can purchase software for work-related use at home through WVU’s On the Hub option. Or, they can download Office at no cost which will work as long as they have an active Login account. Download Sophos Endpoint Protection at no cost, too, to use on your personal computer.

Use your Login credentials to access the websites.

Software for Students

Students on campus can get some software at not cost (Sophos, Mathematica, etc.). They can call the ITS Service Desk (304-293-4444 or 877-327-9260) for more information.

All students can purchase software at a reduced price from JourneyEd or from WVU’s On the Hub website.