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Data Security

Identity theft and unauthorized access to financial or personal information has become more prevalent and can be devastating to individuals, families, and businesses. Social Security numbers (SSNs), partial SSNs, birthdates, and very little personal information can be used to set these evil pursuits in motion. We do not want Extension employee or client data obtained in a way that could lead in that direction.

Each work computer in the Extension network will be scanned by the Identity Finder software for sensitive data – Social Security numbers and credit card information—in an effort to bring our organization into compliance with data standards aligned with best practices established by West Virginia University.

We appreciate your help and patience as we work through making sure our data is secure. We also appreciate questions and comments that will help us provide better instructions and guidance for those we support.

Please select from the resources below for help. The emails sent to all Extension users have been archived in the “Communication” section. Instructions sent to those who needed to delete or modify files are included in the “Instructions” section.

If you have questions or can’t find the resources you need, please email the Office of Technology.