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Mobile Apps

Before you can download apps, you need to create an account with the appropriate store or market (iTunes, Google Play, etc.). Your account will be linked with a credit card—DO NOT use a DEBIT card—to make purchases easy. If you don’t have a credit card, you can use pre-loaded cards or gift cards/codes to make purchases.

Since new apps are constantly available, you need to search the Web, talk with friends, read reviews, and use other ways suitable to your area in order to find out apps that might be helpful in your work.

If you would like to add useful apps to the listing below, please email the Office of Technology.


Mercury Pro Browser: This is a replacement for the standard Safari Browser that comes with the iPad. It includes Tabbed Browsing, File Download, In-Page Searching, and Comprehensive Bookmarking (including a bookmark bar). Price: $0.99

Documents to Go Office Suite: This is a reader/editor for Microsoft Office (2007 and up) documents for the iPad and Android tablets. It can read, create, and edit Word and Excel files, as well as display PowerPoint, PDF, JPG and Apples iWork files. (It also comes with a desktop application that will allow you to sync you files between your iPad and your desktop.) iOS price: $9.99. Android price: FREE

Dropbox: This is an iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, and MAC application for syncing files. This free app allows you to sync files between multiple computers and mobile devices. It can also display most file types (though you cannot edit them). Price: FREE

SugarSync: This FREE app helps you sync your files and folders—based upon the structure on your computer. You select the files and folders you want to sync, and SugarSync does the rest. Unlike Dropbox, you don’t have to create folders in SugarSync. It uses your existing folder structure. Download it on your computer and set up the files and folders to sync (up to 5GB, free) first; then use your mobile device to access, edit, etc.

Agriculture and Forestry

SoilWeb: This app provides current soil information data – iOS and Android. Price: FREE

Garden Guide: A one-stop gardening from Mother Earth News – iOS and Android. Price: FREE

Horse 360: To help horse owners become more knowledgeable – iOS and Android. Price: $1.99

20 Best Mobile Apps for Agriculture  – according to  CropLife (check out other ones at bottom of that page)

Android Horticulture Apps  – maintained by  Kent Kobayashi, University of Hawaii at Manoa

iOS Horticulture Apps  – maintained by  Kent Kobayashi, University of Hawaii at Manoa

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