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The Office of Technology provides computer training in numerous ways and at various locations (Knapp Hall, Jackson’s Mill, regional). Trainings are announced via the ESALL-L electronic mailing list (everyone in Extension).

Regional and specialized trainings can be arranged by contacting Ron Davis.

Please visit Extension’s online training website for other professional development opportunities or select a topic of interest from the listing below.


Learning More about Photoshop

Electronic Mailing Lists

Please refer to the material below for help in using electronic mailing lists.

  • Accessing Listserv Archives (267.2 KB)

    This handout will help you access the archived messages sent to Extension's ESALL-L mailing list.

eXtension Professional Development

  • eXtension Professional Development recorded sessions – recent

Participate in eXtension professional development sessions.

Mobile Device Learning Resources

The listing below is by no means a full collection of resources. Search the Web using your favorite search tool, such as Google, for additional materials to help you learn more about your device. Feel free to share resources for this page by emailing us.




Your Login account (aka Active Directory or AD account) is the one that helps you access MyAccess/Portal, and other resources at WVU. This account also enables employees to access the parking office website to renew their parking permits and to access the wireless system on campus. Your Login account is what enables you to get an account for CleanSlate, WVU's web content management system.

Login Info
    • account may become inactive if not used
    • log into Workspace with your Login account frequently to keep the account from being disabled (if you don’t use it to log into your computer)
    • the password expires every 90 days
    • you may need to request an account if not paid by WVU
    • the username should be the same as your Outlook login account (FMLast or fml00X where "X" is a number)

For more information about the services available with your Login account, go to the ITS Login website.

Office 2013

Please refer to the resources below for help with Microsoft Office 2013.

Online Courses and Resources

The following listing is just a sample of the many types of trainings and tutorials on a range of subjects on the web. 

Online Coding Resources

The list below is not a complete listing, but it contains the ones that are recommended by more reviewers. Some are free, while others require a monthly fee.
Tip: Use your favorite search tool to find other resources such as tutorials at Microsoft, Adobe and other software sites.


Please use the resources below for help as you learn and use Qualtrics.