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Calendar FAQs

Common Problems and Solutions



  • Contact Extension to discuss new categories or ideas.
  • Take responsibility for managing and promoting your event.
  • Login using the most appropriate dashboard.
  • Search for an existing events before repeating an event.
  • Title your event with descriptive, local text when possible.
  • Use a summary abstract of less than 140 characters.
  • Add rich text full description that links to content.
  • Set recurring events to repeat over multiple days.
  • Select appropriate Extension and WVU categories.
  • Consider all other categories: owners can always block.
  • Add keywords not otherwise already displayed in the text.
  • Add images to show on the summary and social media.
  • Add links in the full text description to other websites.
  • Don't sit in frustration with questions and problems.
  • Don't rely on others and hope your event appears online.
  • Don't login using the main WVU dashboard.
  • Don't duplicate existing events. Contact an expert for help.
  • Don't write vague, misleading event titles.
  • Don't use more than 140 characters for predictable feeds.
  • Don't repeat the abstract as part of the full description.
  • Don't set start and end days for an event to span.
  • Don't omit setting categories or your event won't display.
  • Don't worry about oversharing events with others.
  • Don't forget to browse similar categories for keywords.
  • Don't use copyrighted or off-brand, or oversized content.
  • Don't upload content into the calendar system, if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What events should be posted to the WVU Extension Active Calendar?
    1. All public WVU Extension events must be published via Active Calendar for proper recognition.
  2. Who can suggest events to the WVU Extension Active Calendar?
    1. Any WVU Extension employee with a valid can suggest an event.
  3. A statewide event seems to be missing from view on the calendar, how can I find or add it?
    1. Try searching and browsing for the event first. If you can't find it, contact an expert for help.
  4. What should I do if I suggested or added an event to the calendar but it's not displaying?
    1. Check whether all appropriate categories have been selected for the event. Contact an expert.
  5. Can a calendar application be used on the website other than Active Calendar?
    1. Only Active Calendar is officially supported by WVU UR and Extension.
    2. It may be possible to integrate other calendars, but only limited assistance can be offered.
  6. Can state and national events not hosted by WVU or Extension be added to the calendar?
    1. Yes, so long as an event is sponsored by an Extension staff member.
  7. Can locally sponsored events, like a charity walk or bake sale, be added to the calendar?
    1. Yes, so long as an event is sponsored by an Extension staff member.
  8. Can a volunteer or local constituent suggest an event for the WVU Extension Active Calendar.
    1. Not directly. Only employees can login, but others can suggest events to employees.
  9. I have unanswered questions, who should I contact?
    1. Contact Wes Nugent.

Helpful How-to's

Image Standards

Calendar images should be created as square images, sized 300 pixels (px) in width by 300 pixels (px) in height.
Calendar Image - Universal Safe Space Calendar Image - Mobile Display Calendar Image - iPhone Facebook App Display (Lowest Common Denominator) Calendar Image - Space Comparison
  • Box is 275px by 160px
  • 70px from top
  • 70px from bottom

  • A space comparison
  • iPhone seems to be the lowest common denominator when creating calendar-friendly images.