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CleanSlate® is the content management system used by WVU and WVU Extension Service to manage websites. 

Please refer to the CleanSlate resources listed below as you learn how to use this system.  "CleanSlate Roadmap" includes links to instructions (text and video) for the CleanSlate commands and features. "CleanSlate examples and guidelines" includes “good” and “needs improveme nt” web page examples and also includes design suggestions. The last resource includes materials created by WVU's University Relations unit. 

Note: If you need help accessing your website, please send an email message to Extension Communications.

CleanSlate Training

Workflow & Project Management

A screenshot showing Extension's CleanSlate form that integrates with Smartsheet project management tool,

Extension Communications uses Smartsheet to management work requests. Smartsheet has been integrated into CleanSlate enabling Extension users to submit pages to editors for review and publishing.

Smartsheet Instructions
1. Make changes using CleanSlate to edit the content.
2. Save changes using the CleanSlate editor toolbar.
3. Report changes using CleanSlate Issue Tracker form (shown herein).

Smartsheet Form Fields Explained

  • Issue Type: Do you need help with a task, feature, or bug?
  • CleanSlate Page: Copy/Paste the URL to edit the page.
  • Details: Briefly summarize what your request for help.
  • File Attachments: If you need to share a screen shot or get help with making a file compliant, please attach it (rather than uploading into CleanSlate)
  • Requested By: Let us know if this is needed by a specific date
  • Next Action: Set an optional next step for this request (to review, unpublish or delete content)
  • Next Action Date: A specific date on which to take any next action
  • Submitter's Email: The person who should receive notice