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Fire Service Adjunct Instructor Resources

The future of fire service rests upon the ability of instructors to pass their knowledge and skills to next generation of firefighters. Just as firefighting equipment, standards and technology have evolved (e.g., thermal imaging cameras and SCBA heads-up displays) fire instructors must also continue to adapt and change with their environment.

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Adjunct Instructor Materials

  • Adjunct Instructor Manual 
  • Personal Information File
  • Course Evaluation
  • Family Education Right to Privacy Act
  • FSE Timesheet Cycle 1
  • FSE Timesheet Cycle 2
  • Class Completion Checklist
  • Live Burn Accountability
  • Medical Parameters
  • Student Instructor Hours
  • Class Roster

For additional information or assistance please contact us at 304-269-0875 or by email at Fire Service Extension.