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Heart Healthy Lifestyle

You have the power to live a heart-healthy lifestyle

Did you know that you can take control of your heart health?

Heart disease is a #1 killer, both nationally and in West Virginia. Basic tips will help you take control of your heart health and add satisfaction to your life. Use these resources to get started.

Personal On-line Risk Assessment Tools

Need help assessing your risks? Take this assessment and share with your healthcare provider.

Heart-Healthy Tips

Need help learning to live a heart healthy lifestyle? From assessing your stroke risk factors to tips on lowering your cholesterol, our resources below will help you learn more about heart disease prevention and management.

  • Stroke Risk Factors
  • Your Check For Life
  • Guide To A Healthy Heart
  • Brief Guide To Living Well With Heart Disease
  • Brief Guide to A Healthy Heart
  • Brief Guide to Living Well with Heart Disease
  • Guide to Lowering Your Cholesterol with TLC
  • High Blood Cholesterol What You Need To Know

Heart Healthy Media

Stay up-to-date on heart health news and advice by reading through the WVU Extension Service media articles below.

  • Avoiding Portion Distortion Gives Way to Healthy Weight and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Buy Local Fresh Foods for Healthy Meals with Great Tastes
  • Family Time Leads to Active Lifestyles
  • Handle Holiday Stress
  • Healthy Weight Starts with Family Mealtime
  • Heart Disease Risks in Cold Weather
  • It Can Happen to You
  • Keep Up with Health Information
  • Love Your Heart Year Round
  • Managing Your Blood Pressure
  • Slow Down and Give Taste Enough Time
  • Sharing Meals Makes Families Healthier
  • Spend Less and Make Your Dollar Go Further
  • Talk with Your Health Care Provider
  • Women Family Taking Care of Yourself
  • Warning Signs of Heart Attacks and Heart Disease Are Different for Women
  • Radio PSAs for Heart Health Awareness

National Resources