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Stress Less with Mindfulness


A woman blows dandelion seeds into the air

Stress Less with Mindfulness is a five class series that introduces participants to the experience and practice of mindfulness to reduce stress. Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention in a particular way:

  • on purpose,
  • in the present moment,
  • and non-judgmentally.

Research has shown that the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses are effective in reducing stress-related symptoms such as worry, depression, and physical tension, and can be helpful in managing cardiac disease and diabetes.  


  1. Increase flexibility in responding to stress.
  2. Provide an alternative way of relating to everyday life experiences, including your thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and events.
  3. Teach and encourage use of mindfulness self-care skills to help you feel better and enjoy your life more.


There are five Stress Less with Mindfulness sessions, each 45-50 minutes long. Each session contains handouts and materials for participants. Sessions provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for learning mindfulness techniques.

The following are topics covered in the Stress Less with Mindfulness curriculum:

Session 1: Begin with the Breath

Session 2: Mindful Eating

Session 3: Mindful Walking/Thought Surfing

Session 4: Be Kind to Your Mind

Session 5: Laughter is Good Medicine

Purchase Stress Less with Mindfulness

If you are interested in purchasing the curriculum, it will be mailed to you on a thumb drive due to the size of the files. For an individual curriculum, it is $250. For a statewide license, it is $5,000 which would cover what you would need for statewide coverage.

The curriculum needs to be treated as copyrighted, so that sharing the curriculum with others is not an option. They would need to purchase their own curriculum.

Purchase Contact

Carra Higgins

Curriculum Contact

If you have question about the Stress Less with Mindfulness curriculum, contact:

Carra Higgins