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About Program Planning & Reporting

Reports and reporting are important parts of the program development and accountability process. In designing these processes, we attempt to collect information so that it can meet multiple reporting and accountability needs.

To accomplish this process, we have developed two types of reports: data reports and narrative reports. The data reports are numerical measures of various types, and the narrative reports fill in the gaps. These reports are explained below.

About this Site

The Program Planning and Reporting Website exists to provide an exchange of information among WVU Extension faculty and staff on issues relating to program planning, program evaluation, reporting and promotion and tenure.

The site contains:

  • documents and policies relating to these important issues,
  • a continually evolving set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on these issues,
  • a Blog for two-way communication among faculty and staff on these issues.

Please send any questions and suggestions you may have through the Blog.